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Saturday, 01-11-2014
Tuesday, 14.11.2006

The Malteserhof-Letter to Europe!

The Letter Group. From left to right: Aida, Isidora, Luka, Lara, Alisa, Jovana and Mareike.

In July/August 2006, a group of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Poland and Serbia took part in a three-week summer camp at a convention centre for young people, called the...

Friday, 18.08.2006

Radio project

Radiogroup working in the studio

Radio project will be broadcast on August 20th 2006

Thursday, 10.08.2006

Summer Camp 2006 is over

Last Farewell Circle

The Campus15 Summer Camp 2006 for young people from Central and Southeast Europe ended last Saturday, August 5th, at Malteserhof in Königswinter, Germany. An intense three weeks of meeting, getting to know, to trust and to...

Monday, 05.06.2006

Team Counselors for Summer Camp 2006

Team Counselors for the Summer Camp 2006

The prep meeting for the summer camp finished on April 23rd . For three days CAMPUS15 met with all team counselors in the Malteserhof. The programme was discussed in great detail and tasks were determined. But most important of...

Monday, 02.01.2006

SUMMER CAMP 2006 IN KÖNIGSWINTER / GERMANY July 15th till August 5th 2006

Poster of the summer camp 2006

Central Europe meets Southeast Europe: "Building trust and confidence - shaping a new framework"

Friday, 29.07.2005

Building bridges

Training Course for Youth Counsellors from South Eastern Europe and Central Europe