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Summer camp 2010

Cultural exchange between six nations from middle and southeast Europe

Friday, 20 August 2010, Malteserhof Königswinter

Desperate faces ad heavily swollen eyes as well as heaps of crumpled paper tissues characterized the last day of Campus15's 9th summer camp. Saying goodbye was hard for the 36 youth, 14 to 17 years of age, and their nine teamers when they started their journey back to their home countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro, Serbia and Poland.

The international three-week summer camp in Königswinter near Bonn was not only dealing with the topics human rights and gender equality but also allowed all participants an insight in the structures of the EU - a topic which was a major interest especially for the participants from the Balkans who are on their way of becoming member states.

Activities like rafting on self-made rafts - on which not all feet stayed dry -, climbing in a high ropes course and creative workshops (like drumming, play-acting, air-brushing and hip-hop dancing) with professional instructors featured central parts of the programme. Excursions to Phantasialand (a leisure park) or to Bonn and Cologne were an additional change to the programme. The highlights at the end of the last week were the media projects. Beside a camp newspaper and a camp video there even was a self-recorded radio report. All the experience they shared brought the young people from the six participating countries close together - not only as a multicultural group but also as a "little" family.

The teenagers got involved in the "camp community" with a high level of interest, with their personal talents and own contributions. Hereby they actively developed the group experience and enforced the impression that deep and long lasting friendships can arise regardless of anyone's religion, language or origin. The summer camp 2010 filled the idea "Youth goes for peace", which is part of the organisation's name, with life.

For further developing this idea and carrying it to the different countries a 20-day reunion in Bosnia and Herzegovina is already being considered for 2011. A focus could then be on environmental issues. The particpants plan to work together for a social project in the region.

Melina Arnold, participant of the summer camp 2010.