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A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Reunion 2011 in Bosnia and Hercegovina

During the past year everyone looked forward excitedly to the Reunion of our “small family” and when the day finally came there was a big “hello” – first at the airport Cologne/Bonn and then in Vareš. Because CAMPUS15 did not receive the funds of the EU programme “Youth in Action” it was not always sure whether the Reunion will take place at all. But finally CAMPUS15 managed to get the project started with the financial support of the “Landschaftsverband Rheinland”.
The project took place at two locations: first the group was in the small village Vareš, and then in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

This year’s Reunion thematically focused on anti-discrimination and the protection of the environment. The so called “ECO-goups” dealt with environmental issues in Vareš and presented their outcomes to the local community. In Sarajevo Snježana Filipović came to vistit us. She is an active promoter of Human Rights and told us about her experience in several sessions. But Snježana also made us become active ourselves. So one day she sent us out in the streets to offer people who seem to need it our help.
Besides that we also got involved in four different media projects (newspaper, video, radio, eco). They were brought to an end with enthusiasm and delight so that we had a newspaper, a radio show and an eco-campaign to take home with us. The video is still in the making.
Leisure time activities like shopping-tours through Sarajevo and swimming were also part of this Reunion.

All in all our friendships got deeper and our “small family” grew closer than ever.
Encouraged by this team spirit all participants are willing to meet again and have already started to plan their own “youth initiative project”.

Moritz Weiss, participant of the Reunion 2011