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A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Youth Understanding Politics

Member of CAMPUS15 implements international youth exchange

This summer - under the umbrella of CAMPUS15 - the international youth exchange “Youth Understanding Politics“ will be implemented in the Malteserhof in Königswinter from 26th of July till 4th of August. The exchange will be supported by the EU programme YOUTH IN ACTION.

The youth initiative “Youth Understanding Politics” was founded in 2008. Since then it has already conducted youth exchanges in 2009 and 2010. Patricia Weykopf, participant of the CAMPUS15 Summer Camp 2006 and the Reunion 2007, is a member of the steering team of the initiative. She took part in organizing both previously implemented exchanges.

This summer the project will be supported by CAMPUS15. It will bring together 36 young people aged 15 to 17, coming from Belgium, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia and the Ukraine. The exchange aims at making young people familiar with the field of debate as well as the system of the European Union. Furthermore it wants to get the young people’s interest started for own civic and political engagement! An international team of young counsellors will be in charge of and look after the participants and the common time should be used to have a unique summer all together!

The team is looking forward to applications of young people from the participating countries and aged between 15 and 17 years. More information on the website Deadline is May 10th, 2011!