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Teach to reach, train to maintain – 21st century competencies

A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Youth Initiative Project 2009

Campus15 youth were running a self-organized project in Bosnia and Hercegovina for the first time .

From 28.07. to 07.08.2009 there were 31 young people from Bosnia and Herzegowina, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland and Serbia meeting in Gorazde, Bosnia. But that’s special about them: The bigger part of these had already experienced CAMPUS15 Summercamp 2006 in Königswinter and Reunion 2007 in Bela Palanka and Tuzla. Now, together with new participants, they managed, what nobody ever tried to do:

Two years after meeting as a group the last time, they were able through own initiative and organization, always with help from CAMPUS15, to receive an EU sponsorship and finally to meet again under the new slogan “Youth for Y.O.U. – yourself, others and understanding”.

Of course all this was about more, then merely meeting again and getting to know the new participants.
The group was planning to work with physically handicapped children in Gorazde. But when this plan couldn’t be realized when they got there, everybody was enough into doing something helpful, that it was easy to set up a new project immediately. So the group made contact to the local kids and cleaned the town.
And, to also do something helpful for these handicapped children, they decided to renovate the house, were the children are taken care of. They built shelves for the corridors and benches, so the children could sit outside, cleaned the garden and in the end painted the logo of the house on the side wall. To leave behind a personal memory, you can also beside this logo see now 31 different handprints.
Also workshops, prepared by each national group, were not to miss. They contained topics like the EU and it’s connection to the participants, nationalism, racism, childrens and human rights and social exclusion. All of these topics that apply to everybody and about which it’s important to exchange experiences between the different countries.
But still while handling with such serious topics, the group managed to deal with it with fun and creativity.
Everything, these 31 young people achieved and experienced this summer, is documented in a self made video and a newspaper, like the years before, so the participants can have a memory as lively as possible, until the group is going to meet next. Because this summer was not the last one for sure.