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A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Reunion 2009

Young Europeans in South East Europe - A common and joint project to promote active citizenship, the environment, and human rights.

After really, really long 353 days almost all of the participants from the Summer Camp 2008 in Germany gathered again. The first and longer part of the Reunion we spent in Bela Palanka, where we were sleeping in tents – for some of us it was the first time. The scout camp of the hosting Scout Group “Remizijana” was situated on a hill with a marvellous view of the city. The only pain was to climb all the way up and down several times a day – so you should always check carefully whether you have packed everything you needed.

In the beginning we had workshops about media influence and Roma inclusion in society. Through these workshops we learned about living conditions of Roma people in Bela Palanka. We met some Roma youth and for the rest of the stay in Bela Palanka we were always together with them. While we were working in a local kindergarten we had a great time and they showed us some really useful things. We constructed outdoor and indoor toys together, painted walls and concrete flower pots and built some wooden benches. Our Roma friends also offered to be our guides through the city of Niš. All these things led to a really sad farewell night. Even though we tried to make it a happy evening with a masked ball… For the whole duration of the camp we divided ourselves into project groups and since then we tried to memorize all the events through these groups. We created a camp video, newspaper, blog and photo album. We also had a sports and party group in which we were engaged for making our free time more interesting.

The second part we spent in a beautiful town called Subotica. There we saw a much better situation in the local community. The minorities are not that excluded as we saw in Bela Palanka. In Subotica we have visited the city hall, churches and some other cultural monuments. We had an interesting workshop there in which we weren’t only passive listeners, but we actively took part in it: We were interviewing local people about their opinion on minorities and were quite satisfied with our results; there were some really unexpected and therefore interesting answers.

The accommodation in Subotica was like Plaza hotel comparing to the tents we had in Bela Palanka. During the last days of our Reunion we had important talks with our teamers about the Youth Initiative Project. We thought about whether we are ready to make our own project next year. While we were talking with other participants we concluded that we should and want to organise a camp by ourselves next year!