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A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Evaluation Seminar 2008

Connecting Central and South East European Youth – Past Projects and the Way Ahead

During the six-day Evaluation Meeting “Connecting Central and South-East European Youth – Past Projects and the Way Ahead” that took place in Igalo (Montenegro). 34 participants from seven Central and South-East European Countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, and Serbia) reflected on past joint projects and planned future common activities. The exchange of experiences and the continuation of a teambuilding process was supported by interactive large and small group methods including Open Space activities.

The three central aims of the Meeting were:

1. Evaluating the three recent projects (Summercamps 2006 and 2008, Re-union 2007) in our series of consecutive activities
2. Drawing lessons for and beginning concrete planning of new activities for the years ahead
3. Continuing the team-building process and recruiting new team counsellors for envisaged activities

The methods reflected the participative and interactive approach that is also used during the partners’ joint multilateral activities with young people. Using these kind of methods allows a high degree of direct involvement by the participants, opens the necessary space for communication and co-operation and can be taken as a model for future activities.

Plenary sessions were used to provide basic information that was needed to perform a proper reflection of past projects (Summer Camp, Reunion) and to present and discuss results from small working groups. The actual reflection was implemented by an Open Space and small groups. During lectures and workshops both experts and participants passed on their specific knowledge and practical experience regarding international youth and reconciliation work.

As for practical results the projects to be conducted in the year 2009 were outlined in general and the concept for a Great Reunion was developed.