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A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Summer Camp 2003

CAMPUS15 Summer Camp 2003 in Königswinter near Bonn

Young boys and girls aged 15 to 16 years from England and Germany are spending three weeks together with Serbs, Croats and Bosniacs and Montenegrins.

CAMPUS15’s fifth international summer camp takes place this summer from August 9th to 30th in the Malteserhof in Königswinter, Germany. Once more, young people from Bosnia-and-Hercegovina (BiH), England and Germany have a chance to meet. Boys and girls from Montenegro are joining for the first time.

People familiar with the situation in the Western Balkans know how difficult it is still for the people from the successor states of former Yugoslavia to come together after the bitter conflicts of the 1990s. However, there are always young people who are ready to build a future together in defiance of the inherited burdens of the recent past. CAMPUS15 is offering them the chance to meet on neutral ground, to get to know each other, to overcome prejudices and to discover shared interests and common aims. The exchange with English and German young people of the same age allows them to see the circumstances of everyday life in other European countries. Through leisure and sports activities such as climbing, raft building, or orientation hikes, lasting friendships across borders are formed. In discussion rounds and in creative workshops – five days of the programme are dedicated to theatre, music, circus and land art – as well as in the evenings spent “socialising”, there are plenty of opportunities for intercultural exchange. For the English and German youngsters it is both exciting and instructional to learn about the situation of young people in areas of conflict through the personal stories of their fellow participants.

How successful this grass-root peace work for and by young people is was demonstrated in two past reunions of former camp participants in BiH. In the years 2001 and 2002, young people from England, the Netherlands, Germany, and all three ethnic groups of BiH, worked together in projects for handicapped people. For instance, a garden for blind children was built in a school for the blind in Derventa, Republika Srpska, as well as a running track in an institution for mentally handicapped children and adults in Pazaric near Sarajevo. This was so exceptional that national media and supra-regional newspapers reported in detail, praising the projects as exemplary. A similar reunion is planned for the participants of this year’s summer camp.

As in the past, English will be the working language of this summer’s camp – solid knowledge of English is therefore a prerequisite. Thanks to an abundance of applications from England and the Balkan countries, those places are already filled. German boys are already in as well. Now, CAMPUS15 is looking for a number of courageous and energetic girls – or also boys – aged 15 to 16. What can participants expect? The statements from young people of former camps are unequivocal: “The best summer of my life!” (CAMPUS15 has that in written…) Moreover, physical, creative and intellectual challenges – participants discover what they are able to achieve, and leave with the certainty to have done something for peace and reconciliation in Europe.

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