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Friday, 27-11-2015
Wednesday, 2015-04-22

Reunion 2015


Wednesday, 2015-04-22

Teach to reach, train to maintain – 21st century competencies

A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Monday, 2015-01-26

Reunion 2015

First Steps

Sunday, 2014-08-10

Summercamp 2014 Blog

Daily news about the happings in and around Malteserhof.

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Saturday, 06-05-06 14:57


I am so happy because I am an applicant. I want to be in Germany now.

Kto z Polski dostał się na ten obóz?? piszcie



Wednesday, 03-05-06 15:53

Hi everybody!

I'm an applicant and I'm so happy!

Hey Bente, falls du das liest schreib mir doch einmal eine E-Mail,dann können wir vorehr schon einmal ein bisschen schreiben!



Tuesday, 04-04-06 09:33

Hi my dears,

I am sitting in my office, thinking about some issues regarding our event for this year and I couldn't help to visit this page. After so many years being your teamer, I can freely say this is the brightest part of my life. I often think where are you all (our former participants) and I am wondering about the group of young people I am going to meet this summer.
I think this web page is a great meeting point.
I send you a lot of sunny greetings!



Monday, 13-03-06 16:22

Hi everybody!

I also applied for the camp in 2006. I just wanted to say that I'll hope I can be there this summer. I'm from the netherlands and I think it's special to be with all those other people from other countries. I'm looking forward to that.

I hope I will meet you in this summer .

(the Netherlands)



Sunday, 12-03-06 21:02

Hello! I have a question. I applied for the camp 2006, but I haven't received a reply yet. Could you tell me aproximately when I will get a reply and how? Thank you!