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Monday, 21-04-2014
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Monday, 2014-01-13

Summer Camp 2014

CAMPUS15 Summer Camp 2014: €"TOGETHER we can change the world - Young People Go for a Joint...

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Thursday, 09-03-06 16:31

Hi everybody... I just wanted to say hello and to give a big compliment for the web site. Its really cool to see all the fotos from the camp I was in.
Hallo Elena wurde mich freuen wen die mir deine e mail adresse schicken konntest.

All the best,



Thursday, 02-03-06 15:46

Hello Tuca izrado najveca...Just to say hi....


Damir Tucakovic

Wednesday, 22-02-06 19:45

Hello party people!!!



Wednesday, 08-02-06 14:28

luv ya and miss ya all!!!
just want to send ya a big KISS to prove how much I still luv ya



Tuesday, 31-01-06 19:16

well, well. finally we have a great site where we can get in touch with all the people that we met back in germany.
greetings to all participants from the 2001 summercamp