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Thursday, 26-11-2015
Wednesday, 2015-04-22

Reunion 2015


Wednesday, 2015-04-22

Teach to reach, train to maintain – 21st century competencies

A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Monday, 2015-01-26

Reunion 2015

First Steps

Sunday, 2014-08-10

Summercamp 2014 Blog

Daily news about the happings in and around Malteserhof.

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Saša Mrdjenovic from Banja Luka

Tuesday, 26-07-11 22:40

I miss U Alll so much,I really do.If anyone wants 2 mail or contact me my e-mail address is sasam555@live.comI really would love 2 talk 2 All of U.Cheers!


Saša Mrdjenovic

Tuesday, 26-07-11 22:36

I miss U Alll so much,I really do.If anyone wants 2 mail or contact me my e-mail address is really would love 2 talk 2 all of U.Cheers.


Saša Mrdjenovic from Banjaluka

Thursday, 11-11-10 17:43

Hey,everybody,its Sasha from camp generation 99.One year has passed seems like in blink of the eye since Im on Facebook and in the meantime I remade the contact with lots of old C15 friends and gain a lots of new ones i hadnt pleasure meet before but maybe in the future Ihope i will .I feel verrry nostalgic 4 days I spent in Campus 15 and for me like for the most of the other participants its the best summertimes of my life but unforgeteble memories remains for whole life.2 Generations of young participants are coming I wish 2 enjoy in every second spend in the summercamp and lots of fun.Biggest greetings I send 2 Mr. and Mrs.Simon and 2 all Campus 15 people and my endless respect .U did a great job so far and a huge progress and I wish U all the best in Ur future work and life.Sincerely, Yours Sasha.


Christof Hagedorn from Lohmar

Sunday, 06-12-09 20:00

Meinen Glückwunsch zum Bürgerpreis des Europäischen Parlaments.



Thursday, 26-11-09 00:36

hey,everybody.this is sasha from the camp generation so happy so projects still going in progress and so glad i see all my ol friends again.special greetings im sending 2 mister and mrs.simon and 2 all of the teamers and all the participants especially 2 my old u alll saša.