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Friday, 04-09-2015
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Reunion 2015


Wednesday, 2015-04-22

Teach to reach, train to maintain – 21st century competencies

A Project organized by our partner from Croatia. More information you can find here.

Monday, 2015-01-26

Reunion 2015

First Steps

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Summercamp 2014 Blog

Daily news about the happings in and around Malteserhof.

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Christof Hagedorn from Lohmar

Sunday, 06-12-09 20:00

Meinen Glückwunsch zum Bürgerpreis des Europäischen Parlaments.



Thursday, 26-11-09 00:36

hey,everybody.this is sasha from the camp generation so happy so projects still going in progress and so glad i see all my ol friends again.special greetings im sending 2 mister and mrs.simon and 2 all of the teamers and all the participants especially 2 my old u alll saša.


Dieter Bergener

Tuesday, 03-11-09 21:26

Lieber Hubert,
Dir und allen Campus15-Aktiven meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch zum "Bürger-Preis der EU"! Hut ab!! Dieser faszinierende e.V. läßt sogar uns Lions ehrfurchtsvoll hinschauen, wo doch auch wir die Völkerverständigung auf unsere Fahnen geschrieben haben. Ganz toll und weiter so! Meinem Sparbuch entnehme ich aus diesem Anlass 150.- € für das Waisenhaus in Tuzla.
Alles Gute weiterhin
Dieter Bergener, Sankt Augustin am 03.11.2009



Wednesday, 29-07-09 11:27

I am looking at the photographs from the camp, checking out the page, reading these words of people in the guestbook; I am always in contact with some of the people that I met thanks to Campus 15, I think of the times when Mr. Simon and his wife prepared an unforgettable welcome for me in their home, I see the reactions of people about this Great reunion, and I think about how this group of people is becoming bigger and bigger...I want to say that this is the most human project that I know of and words really can't explain and our minds can't even reach the greatness of the things you did and still doing Mr.Simon. If it could be a law for all the people in the world to participate in this project when they are 15,16 years old, I think people would never fight again...Thank you Mr.Simon you inspire us all



Alex Kesic

Wednesday, 22-07-09 13:35

aaaawwwww...l'm so suprised,happy,sad,excited,and hate myself because l've never known about this site nor forum...miss ya guys,rly!!!

would rly luv to keep in touch with ya all,just to check out how you doing and's been a while...guess u're all grown up and stuff...hahaha

Mr.Simon, hope to talk with you soon,to see how are you,how things are going with trully did make a wonderful thing for all of us with your projects,and as l can see you are still pretty much very active! Great!
Don't want to make a LONG ''speech'' glad to have found you here..l'll try to contact ya ppl through faceboog or something...anyways...write me....
Alex Kesic : facebook nick
Dž roomy...hahaha hope ya all good over there!
Nina lil cutie...omg rly glad lsaw your name at least after so long...hah
Dubi da legend...hahaha guess your just smiling man! do your thang!!!
just to mention some of u guys l've just saw u wrote...hope to talk to ya and to see ya rly soon!!!