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Wednesday, 2014-07-23

11th CAMPUS15 Summer Camp will start on 4 August 2014

“Be the change you want to see – Young people go for a joint and peaceful Europe”

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Saturday, 06-06-09 03:07

Hey, i surf´d the NET and there it was "Jugend wagt den Frieden". The memories started pumping all over me. So much fun we had 1999. so i there is anyone reading this and was at the same time participant at Campus 15 as i was, please, please contact me.

My e-mail is
IT would be soooooo cool to speek with some of you guys.

Best of luck to all of YOU.

Admir Sabanovic



Sunday, 24-05-09 09:26

Dear all,

I was happy today to bump on a really small thing which reminded me of a such great time we have had during the summer camp 1999! It sounds almost surreal that ten years have passed since. Luckily, memories remain!
It is nice to see that the projects go on, even after so many years. For that, I want to congratulate and give my endless respect to Mr. Hubert Simon and the entire organization.
To all new participants, have a great time at the summer camp! Enjoy every second of it!


Anto Augustinovic



Thursday, 02-04-09 06:32

Hi everyone. I am naza and I am from Brcko, BiH. I also apply for this camp and I really want to join in. Campus is rally great place where we can meet a lot of new people.

see you soon



Sunday, 08-03-09 01:48

hiiiiiiiiiii peopleeeeeee how r u all???if anybody wants to contact me I am on facebook vedran babic love u allllllll



Monday, 10-11-08 12:24

Hey dear people from Campus15,
I am so glad that I found this's really nice to see the pictures, although it's long ago I was at Campus15 in 2000 and the Reunion in special greeting to the people from these camps. Tuca & gdje ste vi? Javite se nekad..
Miss you all..and hope to hear from you soon..