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Wednesday, 16-04-2014
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Monday, 2014-01-13

Summer Camp 2014

CAMPUS15 Summer Camp 2014: €"TOGETHER we can change the world - Young People Go for a Joint...

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Wednesday, 26-09-07 15:26

Hey guys!!!
I just wanted to say HELLO to everyone
I was in Campus 15-2003 and I had the best time of my life...We could make a reunion :p
I miss everyone....
Greatings for the best teamers ever and of course for Mr. Simon Hubert!
Luv y'all!


Sandy Wagner

Wednesday, 01-08-07 22:52

Wishing all participants a safe journey back and looking forward to hearing all about the Summer Camp,


Sandy Wagner (Committee Member)



Wednesday, 20-09-06 04:45

I miss everyone....



Friday, 25-08-06 14:23

hi every1 from campus15 2003 it was the best summer of my life i realy wish i could do it again.
thanks 4 all the memorys
dave x



Monday, 14-08-06 07:52

Hey people!
How are you???
I just want to thank you again for the great time I had and I miss you so much
You are the best and I'll never forget you