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Wednesday, 09-08-06 02:48

Hi people
I arrived home safetly and the trip was great... there is one big problem...I MISS YOU VERY MUCH...write mails and visit campus15 forum ...))

Mirko macka mala....)



Monday, 07-08-06 03:54

i also arrived safely and miss you all. But i am so happy about your letters. they are all so nice.
see you and don´t worry be happy!



Sunday, 06-08-06 21:48

Hey... All seams so differnt here at home... I miss everything from the camp! I can't imagine that it's over now However I remember Milan: Don't worry, be happy! >>
I miss you all!



Sunday, 06-08-06 20:13

I've also arrived safely and now I'm sitting at home and reminding best moments of the camp. Thank you very very much for best summer ever! I miss everybody a lot.



Sunday, 06-08-06 20:11

Hey everybody!!

I miss you all so much...!! I had a save and nice trip and I already also can't wait untill the renunion comes!! Maybe we can open the forum...that's easyer than this sign in at the forum!! please!!

speak to you all soon!!