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Summer Camp 2016


Our next Summer Camp for young people aged 15 to 16 years will take place from 1 to 21 August, 2016. Participants from Central Europe (Poland, Croatia, Germany) and from countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH) Montenegro, Serbia) will be invited to meet at the Youth Hostel ( in Bad Honnef.

The overall aim for the project “Summer Camp 2016 – European Youth for Peace: Creating a United Tomorrow” is: to make young people aware, how to stand up for tolerance and integration and how to work for the further construction of Europe based on free and civic societies.

Would you like to spend three weeks of fun, exciting international meetings and great adventures? Would you like to prove yourself in creative workshops and to experience adventures on the water and in an exciting outdoor climbing challenge? Would you want to participate in serious and informative talks about human rights, Europe or your own choice of topics and bring your own group results to a successful conclusion?
You will find further information about the Summer Camp under “Downloads”. You may also use the following link --- for your first step to register as an applicant. There you can send us your contact details. This will be your registration after which you get an Email and another application form as step two of the application process.
You will find out that three weeks with Campus15 will appear to you like a big journey through seven European countries. Our Summer Camps have created numerous sincere friendships for life.

The Summer Camps in Germany are always followed up by a Re-union in one of the partner countries. Join in! We are looking forward to your application!
Last day of application is 20 March, 2016. The selection of participants will be finished by mid of April 2016

Final Information on Summer Camp 2016

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