Tuesday, 18-06-2019

Summer Camp 2019 - Pre Announcement

"European Youth" - United in Diversity"  is the theme  of next year’s summer camp, taking place from 5th -26th of August 2019




New Information at 30.01.2019:

We are very sorry, but we cannot offer a summercamp 2019. We do not get the money from the EU Programm Erasmus+ for the summercamp 2019.

Later you will find new information about 2020 on this Website.



Would you like to meet other young people from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds?
That’s what you get with us!
We’ll invite 36 young people between 15 and 17 years of age from six countries to join our summer camp. On this international youth exchange you can experience together the feeling of a journey through these  six countries:

• Poland
• Serbia
• Croatia
• Montenegro
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Germany

It all takes place in the  youth hostel in Bad Honnef near Bonn

These are some of our topics:
• Living together with young people from six countries.
• How do you see the future of Europe?
• What means “home” to you?
• How can different people live peacefully together?
• What is successful understanding and cooperation to you?
• What is needed to develop trust and confidence?
• How can YOU help to realise human rights for everyone?
• Do you think that diversity is a value?
Of course you will also have lots  of fun- and free time: creative workshops, excursions, climbing on a high rope course, building rafts and rafting, cultural trips …

But most important is the experience of living together with young people from different countries, societies, religions, cultures… our summer camp feels like a journey through six countries where you can learn a lot about others … and yourself. This international youth exchange is also a good opportunity to build confidence and a community with other young people from different cultures.

The participants will be asked to play an active role in the organisation of the program. A team of young adults from the six participating countries will guide the camp. Camp language will be English. In the following year 2020 a reunion may  happen  for all participants from the camp of 2019 in one of the partner countries.

Are you interested in three weeks of fun, exiting international exchange and great adventures?
Then join summer camp 2019!
Although there is no official application possible right now – you may write us an E-mail already:

As soon as all requirements for the realization of the summer camp 2019 are fulfilled, the official announcement and application forms will be published. This probably will be achieved by end of  December 2018.
You can also find more information in all the reports of former summer camps on our homepage.


The Campus15-Team